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Name Meanings

20,000+ Names From Around the World!
Baby Names, Pet Names, Sim Names, Story Character Names. Thousands
of names from around the world sorted and categorized by country, language and
meaning. Many of the names include detailed etymology; all include meaning.

Hebrew Baby Names


Biblical Name Vault
Meaning and Etymology of Bible Names

eg. Candice

The name’s origin is from the Latin 'Candida' and it means ‘Purity’. This name was mentioned in the bible referring to an Ethiopian queen.
(Acts 8:27)

Candice - (Greek) "glittering; flowing white; unblemished."
Historical: the name and title of the queens of Ethiopia.
Variant: Candace, Kandace, Candis, Candy, Kandy, Candie, Candi
Spiritual connotation: bright, shining one.

The Etymology And History Of First Names

Hebrew Names
Naming a Jewish Baby
About Hebrew Names