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When Christians, Messianics, or Sacred Namers, try to get you to believe in and confess "Jesus Christ, Yeshua Messiah, or Yahshua Mashiach," then simply ask them the following questions with the statements given.

*Do you really think we should follow the Perez Israelites and believe in a Messiah that comes through a Breach; a Gilonite, a cursed incestuous Ammonite, and Moabite line, and probably a cursed Canaanite seed too? Genesis is clear -- Zerah (Rising of Light) came forth first and he was identified as the royal seed. Royalty is suppose to marry within the family, but the BREACH did not. What they did have in the root of Jesse and seed of David, was a mixed seed of evil kings, one right after the other who supposedly established a eternal throne, a temple and a eternal kingdom through many invalid seeds of the enemy. I must ask, what kind of royalty is this? This line of kings was not first established by YAH. His plan and covenant was only with the seed of people he first established -- male and female from the same family tree.

After they hear what you have said, they will in fact leave you alone.

Teach these questions and facts of the Bible to your children too! Spread this Truth of the Bible as Christians spread the errors of the Bible! Take a stand, speak out, expose the error and speak up to the religious leaders who promote, perpetuate and embrace the errors in the Bible. No one needs to be burdened with the religious laws and errors of men.-- errors of men in the Bible.

The truth and facts of your Bible shared in articles from the following link is shocking but true. Please see -- (This link no longer in existence.)

If you do not wish to know that the faith you have been taught and embrace is in fact discredit by the Bible you have been taught from, then don’t bother to read them. It would not matter if you follow the law of Moses and or law of Christ. If you do care for truth then consider the following quotes from an article and then read the articles. The article called "The Plan of Genesis" is the best place to start. Please know there is still hope in the YAH of Genesis. Please share this with those in the Messianic faith and their leaders, and anyone who follows the laws of Moses and or believes in the New Testament Messiah.

Quotes from the Article:

*After Jacob's descendants left Egypt the new leaders of the Israelites made it appear that the YAH of Genesis was with them in everything they did, but as you will see, it does not agree with Genesis. Over time their own religious writings were attached to Genesis and it is mistakenly called the inherent word of Yah. However, these writings are no different than the Koran or any other religious writings that claim the Yah of Genesis. This includes the New Testament writings because it is based upon the errors of Moses and the family line of Perez -- the twin son of Judah." ......

*The half Moabite and half Gilonite man known as Solomon was perverted with sex. He came through David’s sexual desires of pagan women. This evil king had two hundred wives and over a thousand concubines, yet Yah supposedly established a temple and reestablished the throne of David with him, from whom Jesus came.

*The descendants of the Moabites, Canaanites and the Gilonites became the kings of Israel. Again, no better way to defeat your enemy than to marry into the family and become their kings! All of this means that their messiah, from the root of Jesse, will also be of this same incestuous tainted seed.

A recap of the plan God established in Genesis, with the errors that followed.

1) A pure seed was established within and between both a chosen male and female of the same family tree. Any other seed is rejected.

*A tainted seed was established through Simeon (Shaul family) and Judah (Shelah family), then the Perez family became tainted after Boaz through Ruth a Moabite and again through David and Bathsheba. Then again when Solomon married Naamah a Ammonite. Because of this, the descendants of the Canaanites, Moabites, Ammonites, and Gilonites came into the covenant (illegally) by being born into the tribe of Judah -- and their descendants became kings of Israel.

2) There is no honor of Jacob the Patriarch within the tribes of Simeon and Levi. His soul will not enter their council. They are a insignificant tribe of Israel.

*Moses set up the council of the Levites over all the tribes of Israel. He also set Levi up with honor and the birthright of the firstborn. He gave him land, cities, and tithes and he also gave Simeon land.

3) The tribe of Judah has the true scepter. Kings, Lawgivers and rulers of law come through him.

*Kings come from Levi, Benjamin and the Perez (Breach) family of Judah. Lawgivers and rulers of law come through the tribe of Levi.

4) The Royal line was established in Zerah of the tribe of Judah.

*Royal line was established in Perez (Breach) of the tribe of Judah.

5) The descendants of Jacob ("many nations and kings whose number is the sand of the sea") receive the land as a everlasting inheritance.

*Through Moses’ council, Israel tried to take the inheritance through a slaughter campaign long before it was time to inherit the promised land.

Please see this link --------> (This link no longer in existence.)

Thank you and the YAH of Genesis bless you!